Create your own call group in Microsoft Teams

If you are using Teams for making and receiving calls, then you can create your own ring group right from within the Teams client. A call group allows you to share incoming calls with your colleagues. For example, if I am in a Sales team, I might want to set up a call group so if I cannot answer a call, my colleagues can answer it for me.

To do this, first open you teams client and click on your profile on the top right and select your settings.

Once in your settings, choose calls and make sure the calls ring me option is selected. Underneath, you can choose to calls to also ring your call group. Make sure that option is selected to set up your group.

Once you have selected the call group option, you will then see a page where you can add your colleagues to your call group. When you add someone to your call group, they will receive a notification in their Teams Activity Tab to notify them that they have been added to your call group.

In the same window, you can choose your ring order. You can choose to have your colleagues ring at the same time, and it goes through to whoever answers the call first, or you can decide to ring your colleagues in the order of the list above. For example in my call group, if I choose ring in order above, Hannah will ring first and if she does not answer then Mark will ring.

All I need to do then is click save and I have set up my call group. You can go back and edit your call group or settings at any time.

Check out my YouTube video on how to create your own call group in Microsoft Teams.

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