Microsoft Teams is a collaboration and communication platform and is great for sharing updates and announcements with fellow teammates. In a Teams channel, I have the option to post messages so my team can see and reply to them. This is great if we are working on a project together or collaborating between our department. If I wanted to post an update or an announcement, I may want it to look more like an announcement, rather than a normal message, like the example below:


To do this in Microsoft Teams, I need to begin by choosing the channel I want to post the announcement to, and starting a new conversation.

In my new conversation, choose the format button, which is the icon with the letter A in it. Then choose the drop-down next to new conversation. There is an option to select announcement:


Once I choose new announcement, I can type a headline, add a subhead and add my content for my announcement.


I can also choose a colour or image for the background to my announcement, which is a great way to keep in line with my company branding:


Once I have decided on my background image and content, I can post that announcement into the channel for my colleagues to read.


Check out my YouTube video on making an announcement in Microsoft Teams.

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