In Microsoft Teams we can use Tasks (previously known as Planner) to help manage our tasks when working on a project. Within each Team, and within each Channel, we can add a Task tab and create task lists, assign them to our team members and keep track of late or upcoming tasks. The only downside with this, is having a Task for the numerous Channels in each Team which means I have several different lists to manage, and even more tasks. Not only this, but I also use To Do, which keeps track of my personal to-do list. So I have 2 different locations with different sets of tasks to manage.

The good news is that Microsoft have recently announced Tasks by Planner and To Do which is something we can add to Teams, to help get a view of all tasks in each Team, as well as my personal to-do lists.

To do this, click on the 3 dots on the left hand side of your Teams client:


Now search for Tasks by Planner and To Do and select it. This will now add Tasks as a main tab on the left of Teams. Make sure you right click and pin so it doesn’t disappear when you close and re-open Teams.


When I click on Tasks, I will be able to see an overall view of my tasks, tasks assigned to me, tasks in my To-Do app, as well as the tasks in each Team:


I can complete tasks from here by clicking on the circle icon next to the Task name:


I can also change the progress, priority and due date by clicking on the 3 dots next to a task:


I can choose to view Tasks by Team and Channel by selecting the Team and Channel from the Shared Plans area:


I can also start a new To-Do list or plan from the Tasks tab:


This is a great way to manage Tasks from one place. Instead of having to search in each Team and Channel for my tasks, I can view them all from the Tasks tab in Teams.


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