How to use Presenter Mode in Microsoft Teams

Microsoft have added a new feature to Teams Meetings called Presenter Mode. Presenter mode allows you to change how your audience views your content by putting your live video over your shared screen like in the example below:

To do this, make sure you are in a Teams meeting and have the ability to share. When you choose to share in a meeting, you will see a new icon pop up called Presenter mode:

The left icon in presenter mode is showing content only, so not with your video in front. Choose the icon on the right to have your video standout while sharing your screen. You must have your camera on to do this:

Once you have chosen standout mode you can then decide to either share your entire desktop, a window or a powerpoint presentation. The standout option works with all apart from the whiteboard. When you begin sharing, a new window will pop out so you can see exactly what is being shared, and what your audience sees:

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is image.png

So you will then have 2 Teams meeting windows open; one for the meeting and another for the presenter mode view.

If you begin presenting, and forget to turn on presenter mode, you will need to stop sharing and start sharing again but this time with the presenter mode button clicked.

Presenter mode is a great tool to enhance your meetings and presentations. Look out for more updates from Microsoft on their roadmap here:

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