How and why you should add emoji\’s to your Team and Channel names

A Microsoft Team is a collaboration space created for your inner loop of people – people you work with on a regular basis. This could be your department, business area or a project team. Channels are sections within a Team to separate the work and topics to make it easier to manage. When you create a Team or a Channel, you can now add emoji’s in the Team and Channel name. It may seem like just a fun feature, but there are some good reasons why you might want to include emoji’s in your naming conventions.

  1. Emoji’s make it easier for us to interpret what the Team or channel is. Using a bright emoji can help us quickly understand what the channel is for.
  2. It is common to use emoji’s to illustrate things in our personal lives, and so it makes sense to use that in our work lives.
  3. It can also help encourage people to use Teams. Colourful emoji’s bring a user-friendliness to the platform.
  4. Most organisations will have a naming convention of some sort with Team names to help organise Teams.
  5. It can help brand your Teams and Channels to suit your company culture.

Using emoji’s in Team and Channel names can get tricky, because of the SharePoint site and folder linked and you might want to have a basic text name without anything special. It is better to create the Team and Channels, then edit the names and add emoji’s after the Team is created to help with naming conventions. If you are in doubt, always ask your IT team.

If you have Teams and Channels already created and you want to add emojis, click on the 3 dots next to the Team or Channel and then select edit team or edit channel. From there you can edit the name and add your emoji. When you are ready to type or edit your Team name, press the windows key on your keyboard and the full stop at the same time.

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You will then see a list of emoji’s pop up. There are faces, people and items to choose from.


You can add emoji’s to a Team name as well as a channel name. See an example below:

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