Microsoft have recently announced a new and updated operating system called Windows 11 which is designed for hybrid working. Windows 11 looks and feels a bit different to Windows 10 and has some great new features including the ability to “snap” different screens you are working on, a new look to Office apps and extra security features which make it easier for IT teams to deploy and protect company information.


Today let’s look at how Teams will work with Windows 11. So what’s going to be different with Microsoft Teams in Windows 11?

Teams chat from the taskbar

The first big difference is that Microsoft Teams will be integrated into the Windows 11 operating system and you will be able to access chat and contacts directly from the desktop taskbar. If you have previously used Skype, you will be familiar with this experience:


To use the full version of Teams, it still needs to be installed as a desktop app, but you will be able to access chat, calls and contacts directly from the taskbar in Windows 11.


Mute/unmute and share your screen from the taskbar

When in a Teams meeting, it is sometimes a struggle to ensure you are sharing the correct screen, or quickly unmuting to speak. Teams in Windows 11 will have these features directly integrated into the task bar. You can hover over an application you have open and choose to “share” instead of having to open the Teams meeting window, click share, choose the right application or screen.



The mute button will appear at the bottom right of your taskbar, so when watching a Teams meeting presentation you can quickly mute and unmute yourself.


Teams will use less memory

Microsoft Teams currently uses a technology called Electron to run, which uses up quite a lot of memory. Microsoft are changing this so Teams will run on a Microsoft technology which will use less memory. Why does this matter? Less memory means better performance (this is simplifying it a lot) but if you have ever sat on a Teams meeting with lots of camera’s on, and the feed starts to lag, this will be improved with better memory. It means Teams will run faster, and Windows 11 will use smaller updates which means your battery life is also going to last longer.


Windows 11 has just been announced, so make sure you keep an eye out for further announcements from Microsoft!

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