Yammer is a great social networking tool for business. It is a space where my organisation can post messages and updates, ask questions, give praise and share information. If you work in an organisation that uses Yammer, you can easily add it into Teams, so you can view all feed from Teams, instead of having to open Yammer in a browser.

To do this, click on the 3 dots in your Teams client and search for “Communities”.


When you click on Communities, a box will pop up and ask you to add.


Once you click add, Yammer will appear as a tab on your Teams client. Make sure you right click and choose pin so it stays there!


You can now enjoy accessing Yammer directly from Teams, and receive any new Yammer notifications via your Teams Activity tab.




Add Yammer as a Channel

You can also add Yammer as a tab in a Channel so everyone in your Team can access it, and even link specific communities and topics.

To do this, simply click the plus button to add a new tab in your chosen Channel:


Then search for Communities and choose the Communities option:


From there you can add the Yammer Community, which allows you to choose a specific Yammer community you have, for example Sales Team or in this case, I want to link the SharePoint Technical Group as it is relevant to my Team:


Now, my team can access that specific Community directly from the tab in our Team:


You can also add a specific Yammer topic which allows me to search for a topic that is relevant to my Team:


This will bring up any conversation that has the word “Teams” tagged in the post.


Yammer is a great tool for keeping up to date with company announcements and share thoughts with your wider organisation, and it works even better when integrated in Microsoft Teams, so I can access everything I need in one place!

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