Where Recordings are Stored in Microsoft Teams

Where Recordings are Stored in Microsoft Teams

Any Teams meeting or call can be recorded to capture audio, video and screen sharing. Recording meetings is a great feature to share with those who cannot attend the meeting or record training sessions to refer back to. Meeting recordings are stored in OneDrive or SharePoint depending on the type of meeting:

Channel Meetings

When you start a meeting from a Channel and choose to record it, the recording will be stored automatically in a folder called Recordings in the files tab. This is where you will find all recordings for your Channel meetings. Everyone in that team and channel will have access to the recording as it is stored in SharePoint.

All Other Teams Meetings

For any other Teams meetings, the recordings are stored in the OneDrive for Business of the person that started the recording. A folder called Recordings will automatically be created in that person’s OneDrive, and all the recordings will be stored in there.

Only the meeting organiser and the person who started the meeting will be able to edit the recording, but everyone who was invited to the meeting will be able to view the recording. Depending on your organisation’s settings, external or guest participants to the meeting might not be able to access the recording, and so you will need to share the recording via a link in OneDrive for Business.

When someone in the meeting wants to access the recording, they simply go back into the meeting chat (either from their chat history or back into the meeting invite) and select the 3 dots and then open in OneDrive:

This will open a browser with the recording for them to watch:

You can share the recording with those who did not attend the meeting by choosing the Get Link option, which you can then paste to the person you want to share with:

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