How to Run a Poll Before, During and After a Teams Meeting

During a Teams meeting it’s useful to be able to run quick polls to ask your audience for feedback, agree on a date/time or ask a question. A new Polls feature using Microsoft Forms let’s you create polls before, during and after a Teams meeting has been scheduled.

Create a poll before a meeting

To create a poll before a meeting, first schedule your Teams meeting. Then open the meeting invite in your Teams calendar and then click on the plus icon to add a tab:


Search for Forms and click add:

You will now see a Polls tab at the top of your meeting and the option to create new poll:


When you click create new poll, you will see an option to create a poll or a quiz and even some recommended polls:


In this example, I am going to create a new poll so I select the multiple choice poll. From here I can add my question and options. I have some settings to allow multiple answers and/or keep responses anonymous:


When you hit save, you will see your poll as a draft in the polls tab. To launch it and allow people to vote, choose launch. If you want to edit your poll, click on the drop down arrow next to launch to edit or delete.



Create a poll during a meeting

When you join the meeting, you will see a Forms icon which will contain all the polls you have created and launched before the meeting. From here, you can also create a new poll during the meeting:


You can also choose to do this via the chat function in the meeting, by typing @forms and creating your poll from there:


When you click Forms, make sure you ask your poll question in the chat like this:


When you hit enter and send the chat, it will automatically generate a poll with your question and answers:


Any poll you create will appear in your Forms icon in the meeting, and also in the Polls tab in your meeting invite:


From the Polls tab, you can view results and even export to excel:



Create a poll after a meeting

Once your meeting is finished, if you want to create another poll, you can. Go to your Polls tab in the meeting invite, and select Create new to create a new poll. When you launch this poll after the meeting, all attendees will receive a chat and desktop notification telling them they have a new poll:


They can find the new poll either in the meeting invite in the Polls tab, or in the chat history of the meeting.


All Polls are saved in your meeting invite and because it uses Microsoft Forms, you will also see all Polls in your Forms app in Office 365.

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