Presenter mode is a new feature in Microsoft Teams meetings that allows you to change how your content is shared. Presenter mode is a great option if you are looking to share a desktop or PowerPoint in a meeting, but ensure your audience can see your camera as well.

Presenter modes are available when you select the share button in a Teams meeting:


Make sure your camera is on, and you can choose to customise how your content is shared. Click on one of the presenter mode options, then select your content to share; screen, powerpoint, window etc.

The first option is just to share your content with no presenter. The second option is called Standout and looks like this:


The third option is called Side-by-side and positions your content next to your camera in a separate window so you are not covering any of your slides with your video:


If you don’t like the pink background, choose customise before your share and you can change it:


Finally, the third option is called Reporter and looks like this:


When you share your content in presenter mode, it will open up a new window in Teams where you can see what your audience sees and see how Presenter mode looks. You will still have your Teams meeting window open to manage the meeting. To change presenter mode options, you need to stop sharing and then re-share choosing the new mode.

For more tips running Teams meetings, check out my other blog: How to run a poll before, during and after a meeting.

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