Viva Learning is one of the four modules of Microsoft Viva, an employee experience platform built into Teams.

Microsoft Viva Learning is a learning app you can add into Microsoft Teams and provides you access to free online training from LinkedIn and Microsoft. If your organisation works with an existing training provider, you might find their content in Viva Learning as well.

To add Viva Learning to Teams, click on the three dots in your Teams app list and search for Viva Learning:


This will open Viva Learning in Teams. To keep Viva Learning as an app make sure you right click and pin so you can easily access Viva Learning in the future.


When you first access Viva Learning, you will see a homepage with an opportunity to add some interests. I recommend choosing some interests because Viva Learning will suggest courses based on the interests you choose.


Scroll down the homepage to see courses to choose from:


When viewing the training cards, you can see if you have viewed the course before, bookmark it or even share it to another Team or person via Chat.


To view a course, click on it to find out more information. Viva Learning will tell you who created the course, how long it is and a brief description of it.


To take the course, press the play button and the course will begin directly in Microsoft Teams. Open the contents to see the topics of the course and skip through:


If you try to play a course and you get the below message, it means your organisation needs to buy an additional license for you to access it:


Once you have completed a course, click on the My Learning tab at the top of Viva Learning to see your recently viewed, bookmarked and completed courses:


On the homepage, make sure you make use of the search bar if you are looking for a specific course.


For more information check out the Viva Learning Overview.

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