Q&A is a Teams app that can be added to any Teams meeting or webinar which enables you to hold a moderated or unmoderated question and answer session.

Before you add Q&A to your teams meeting, make sure you have designated specific people to be able to present in the meeting. Anyone who can present can moderate questions. If you don’t enable specific presenters, then everyone in the meeting can moderate the Q&A. To find out how to do this check out my previous blog How to Change your Meeting Settings in Teams.

To add Q&A to an existing Teams meeting, open the meeting details in your Teams Calendar and click on the + button at the top. Only the meeting organiser can add Q&A.


Then search for the Q&A app and choose add.


Before you add the Q&A app, you can choose some options for attendees and organizers.


Once you have added Q&A, you can then join your Teams meeting and you will see the Q&A button in your toolbar.


The Q&A button will open a panel for you as the organiser to view and manage questions asked by the audience.


Moderators can also start ask questions and even start discussions.


You can format text and even include hyperlinks.


As the moderator, you can review, publish and dismiss questions. All new questions from the audience will appear in the review tab where you can choose to publish them which means the rest of the audience can see the question. For any questions that have been answered, you can dismiss them to help clean up the Q&A section.

Attendees and moderators can like and comment on questions in the Q&A.


For any important discussions or questions, pin them to the top of the Q&A panel by clicking on the 3 dots next to the question and choosing pin.


Closing the conversation prevents anyone in the meeting from commenting on a question.




You can reopen the conversation at any time by clicking on the 3 dots and choosing reopen.


If you want to, you can change the name of the Q&A panel by clicking on the 3 dots next to the title.


When you leave the meeting, the questions and answers will be available in the Q&A tab in the Teams meeting.


Q&A can only be exported by an administrator using eDiscovery.

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