What is the Who Bot in Microsoft Teams?

What is the Who Bot in Microsoft Teams?

The Who bot is a chatbot available through Teams. You can learn things about your co-workers, find out what meetings are like, search for people based on their skill sets, and more. The Who bot helps find people in your organisation, and is great if you if you are new to the organisation. 

To find the Who bot in Microsoft Teams, click on the 3 dots in your Teams client and search for the Who bot.

The chat bot will open and you can search for people in your organsation or search for who knows about a particular topic. Search for “who knows about ___” to find out people in your organisation who have talked about that topic in Teams.

Who bot will show you people who have posted or mentioned the topics, but you won’t see what they have actually talked about.

I can click on one of the people on the list to find out more information and contact details.

Click on the chat box to find out everything the Who bot can do.

You can only see information you are allowed to see and cannot see any actual posts, messages or emails.

To get back to the Who bot, you will find it in your chat history.

The Who bot is free to use, so check it out to make it easier to find people in your organisation.

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