Learning new tech can be challenging, especially if you don’t have an instructor sitting next to your desk, showing you what to do. That’s why I thought it was time to share some of the websites I use to learn about Microsoft Teams. I am not going to include this blog, but if you want to learn tips and tricks on Teams – make sure you follow!

  1. Microsoft Learn

This is one of the most useful sites in my opinion. Not only can you learn about Teams, but just about any other Microsoft technology. You can watch videos, become Microsoft certified and customise your own learning.


Microsoft Learn has learning paths and modules, so you can study the material provided, take a knowledge check at the end, and mark off your progress. You get points and achievements when you complete a module so you can look back on topics you’ve already covered.


You can access the learning content through Viva Learning directly in Microsoft Teams. For more information on Viva Learning, check out my previous blog: What is Viva Learning.


2. Microsoft Docs – End-user training

This end-user training site is another Microsoft website but provides on-demand videos, admin training and tips and tricks.


You can even book a 1 hour long training session.


The site also provides adoption tools that can be used to help with Champions and the promotion of teams in your organisation.


3. YouTube Videos

There are two YouTube accounts I recommend following for Teams tips; Kevin Stratvert and Leila Gharani. They both have over 1 million subscribers and post tips and tricks daily.

Kevin shares videos about Teams, but also creates videos covering Outlook, SharePoint, Power Automate and more!


Leila is a Microsoft MVP and provides videos on Excel, Teams, OneNote, and even her own online Excel courses.


The Microsoft Teams playlist on the official Microsoft 365 account on YouTube is also helpful, but I found these two creators particularly good.


4. Microsoft – What’s new in Microsoft Teams

This is not necessarily a training site, but it’s a great place to keep up-to-date with changes to Microsoft Teams. This blog is from Microsoft, and will update you monthly on all the changes to Teams. It covers everything from meetings, chat/collaboration, devices, phone system and more!


Even if it’s not somewhere you spent a considerable amount of time in, filter to updates that interest you so you can see new changes and learn more about what you can do in teams.


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