How to Stop Colleagues Editing a File in Microsoft Teams

How to Stop Colleagues Editing a File in Microsoft Teams

Have you ever uploaded a file to Teams and needed to update it without anyone else updating it at the same time? Then this feature is for you! It’s called Check-Out and is a SharePoint Online feature now available in Microsoft Teams.

First, choose the file you want to check out and select it. Then click on the 3 dotsmore then check out.

When you check out a file, it means that no one else can edit it. The file is still accessible but in view-only mode. Only the person who checked out the file can edit it. Checked-out files are indicated by an icon next to the file name.

When you have finished editing, you can check the file back in by clicking on the 3 dots, more and then check in.

When you check a file back in, Teams will ask you for a comment, which is then stored next to the file’s version history. If you accidentally clicked check out, you can discard check out, which means you won’t need to leave a comment.

Anyone in the Team can check out a file, and if someone checks out a file and goes on holiday, an administrator can force a check-in.

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