Microsoft Loop is a new app that Microsoft announced in November 2021. Loop is a collection of features that help people collaborate and will be available to use throughout Office 365, including Teams, SharePoint and Office. The main Loop features are:

Loop tables and trackers

This feature is available now in Teams chat. Loop provides the ability for people to create tables, lists, paragraphs and more that others can edit in the chat.

You can create more collaborative messages, so you and your group chat can add and customise where needed.

The permissions work the same way as SharePoint and OneDrive; you can customise who has permission to access the item or view the item.



Loop Pages

Loop pages are flexible canvases to pull together functional elements like files, links, or data to help teams think, connect, and collaborate. Pages are built for collaboration, with live co-authoring and cursers, emojis and drag and drop features to make it easier to customise the page. Loop pages haven’t been released yet but will be later in 2022.


People commenting, reacting, and collaborating in real time in Microsoft Loop.


Loop Workspaces

Loop workspaces are shared spaces that allow you and your team to see and group everything necessary to your project. Workspaces allow you to see what others are working on, react to others’ ideas, and track progress toward shared goals. Your team can collaborate in real-time or asynchronously whenever inspiration strikes.

Work from your favorite app with Microsoft Loop.


I’ll update this blog as and when more Loop features are released to test them out and share how useful they are. So far, the Loop components feature is interesting, and I can see a few different use cases for it – so I’m looking forward to the releases later this year!

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