Since Microsoft Teams has been around for five years (yes, FIVE years already!) I wanted to write a blog on how Teams has impacted my career and life.

Five years ago, I worked as a Customer Success Manager for my current company, Core. My job was to share new technology with our customers and help ensure they get value from their IT. When Microsoft Teams was released, I had to make sure I knew what it was and its uses to share that with my customers. I liked Teams from the beginning because I had an immediate use case. To share IT updates and training material with my customers, I set up external Yammer groups and shared information with them that way. Now with Teams, they can add me to a Team, and it\’s much easier to share information and files.

Realising its potential to make life easier, I asked for a slot in our Core quarterly meetings to encourage other colleagues at Core to use it. I presented to the entire company and explained what Teams was; I then conducted a Teams training session.

I quickly became a Teams champion and was introduced to new customers who wanted a Teams demo/pre-sales call.

Microsoft then began introducing funded workshops to help customers adopt Teams. Being a Teams Champion, I asked my manager if I could deliver these workshops instead of our consultants. He said yes, and I began delivering in-person workshops showcasing Teams and how to deploy it.

After running workshops successfully, I asked for my title to be changed to Microsoft Solutions Specialist and take on more. I wanted to do more workshops, pre-sales calls and get more tech involvement.

After a few years, I began my Teams blog, which led me to get involved in the tech community and, eventually, my Microsoft MVP award.

So Microsoft Teams has been a big part of my career and why I am involved in the amazing tech community.

Thanks, Microsoft Teams!

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