How Praise Works in Microsoft Teams

How Praise Works in Microsoft Teams

Praise is a feature in Microsoft Teams and Viva Insights that enables employees to praise colleagues.

You can send praise in a few different ways. First, you can send praise in a Teams Channel, by either typing “@praise” in a new conversation or clicking on the badge icon:

You can also do this in a Teams chat message using the same method.

When you click to add praise first you will be asked to choose a badge.

After you have chosen your badge, you can add a personalised note and type the name of the person you want to receive the badge. You can choose to send the badge to multiple recipients.

The praise is then posted in either the Channel or Chat and the person receiving the praise will receive a notification in Teams.

You can review your praise history from here by clicking on the review praise history button which will take you to Viva Insights to view your praise.

Another way to start giving praise is via the Viva Insights app. Viva Insights will ask if you want to send praise to your colleagues and if you want to make a habit of doing so.

When you give Praise in Viva Insights, it will look slightly different but do the same thing; send a badge to either a chat or Team channel and allow you to add a personalised note. In Viva Insights you can add a reminder to send praise.

If you scroll down, you can see your praise history over the last 6 months including praise sent and received by others.

Currently the only way to add a custom badge is to use an App Template called Open Badges.

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