How to Gather Employee Ideas in Microsoft Teams

Gathering employee ideas is a huge opportunity to hear from new perspectives, improve business processes, and create a culture of innovation inside your organisation. Luckily, Microsoft Teams has an app for that! The app is […]

How Praise Works in Microsoft Teams

Praise is a feature in Microsoft Teams and Viva Insights that enables employees to praise colleagues. You can send praise in a few different ways. First, you can send praise in a Teams Channel, by […]

New and Improved Whiteboard in Microsoft Teams

Microsoft’s Whiteboard app has been available to use in Teams meetings for some time, but only recently has Microsoft added some great, new features to improve the Whiteboard experience in Teams. The Whiteboard is accessible […]

Happy 5th Birthday to Microsoft Teams

Since Microsoft Teams has been around for five years (yes, FIVE years already!) I wanted to write a blog on how Teams has impacted my career and life. Five years ago, I worked as a […]

What is Viva Insights for Managers?  

Many of us may be using Viva Insights (or receive the daily briefing emails) for our habits and insights. But there is an upgrade available to provide managers with insights into their teams’ habits. The […]

4 Apps I use in Microsoft Teams

Customers often ask me what Teams apps they should be using. There are over 1000 apps available in Microsoft Teams, so I can’t say I’ve tried them all! But I wanted to share the four […]

I’m a Microsoft MVP!

I am delighted to have been awarded the Microsoft MVP award. MVP stands for Most Valuable Professional and is an award given to technology experts who passionately share their knowledge with the community. There are […]

How to Sync Teams Files to Your File Explorer

With Microsoft Teams, you can sync files between your computer and the cloud, so you can get to your files from anywhere. Synced files will appear in your file explorer on your computer. If you […]

New External Chat in Microsoft Teams

External access in Microsoft Teams is available to organisations that need to communicate and chat with people outside the organisation. External chat is handy if you need to communicate with members of the public, partners, […]

How to Run Multiple Instances of Microsoft Teams

One of my least favourite features of Microsoft Teams is the tenant switching. If a customer has added me to a Team in their tenant, I have to switch to theirs and log in whenever […]


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