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  • What is Viva Topics?

    Viva Topics is one of the five modules in Microsoft Viva, which Microsoft released in 2021. It acts as a Wikipedia for business by presenting business users with a Topic card when they see a word or acronym they don’t recognise. Topic cards can be found in SharePoint online and will soon be available in […]

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  • What’s new: Viva Goals

    Microsoft announced last year Viva, a platform for employee engagement that includes four modules: Viva Connections, Viva Topics, Viva Insights, and Viva Learning. By promoting culture, learning, knowledge, and wellbeing, each module enhances the wellbeing of employees. Microsoft have added a new module to Viva called Viva Goals. What is Viva Goals? Viva Goals is […]

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  • How Praise Works in Microsoft Teams

    Praise is a feature in Microsoft Teams and Viva Insights that enables employees to praise colleagues. You can send praise in a few different ways. First, you can send praise in a Teams Channel, by either typing “@praise” in a new conversation or clicking on the badge icon: You can also do this in a […]

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  • What is Viva Insights for Managers?  

    Many of us may be using Viva Insights (or receive the daily briefing emails) for our habits and insights. But there is an upgrade available to provide managers with insights into their teams’ habits. The manager insights are an additional Viva Insights license and provide managers with a “my team” tab, so they can get […]

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